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Applied Behavior Analysis



ABA EMR Software

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ABA EMR software to make your days better

We’ll help you solve some of the most common problems you face in managing your practice. By utilizing Catalyst’s integration with our Practice Management Systems, you can streamline everything from data collection, scheduling, appointment reminders, telehealth, billing/RCM, and much more.

  • Scheduling tools keep clients on your schedule and help your revenue stream

  • Billing software that helps create accurate claims, check claim statuses, and automate reports to ensure you don’t miss out on financial opportunities.

  • Fully integrated HR and Payroll software

Increase efficiency with ABA data collection software

ABA data collection, graphing, and reporting has never been easier. With our tools you can:

  • Easily collect data using different methods with all your tools at your fingertips. With a timer for duration data, multiple tally buttons for frequency or rate, and the ability to collect interval data, you can quickly and efficiently switch between data collection methods to meet the needs of each unique kiddo.

  • Automate graphing, progress reports, and seamlessly sync info directly to insurance notes.

  • Create ABA reports that can be printed, saved, and shared with just one click – so parents can rest easy with concrete data showing their kiddos improvement.
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ABA telehealth is no longer optional!

Clearly telehealth is now just another part of the healthcare world. Clients expect it, and it offers benefits for all.

  • See your kiddos from anywhere, on any device

  • Secure, HIPAA compliant, purpose-built ABA telehealth software

  • Share resources and homework from your screen

  • Easy setup and no need for downloads or logins

  • Quickly create invoices for your video visits

  • Access notes and files during your telehealth appointments

ABA-specific EHR/EMR to securely store and access client information

Store important client records, information, progress reports, treatment recommendations, and more in one place. Easily access the information you need to care for your clients with our ABA Electronic Medical Records (EMR) / Electronic Health Records (EHR) software. Be prepared for each appointment and create effective treatment plans.
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ABA EMR software done right.

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