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ABA Data Collection Software—Capture Everything, Anywhere

Data collection is a key element of working with kiddos and if not done right it’ll eat up huge chunks of your day. Our clinical data collection software is custom made for ABA practices by BCBAs who understand your need for efficiency. Automate tasks and work on any device when you’re out in the field. Streamlining collection gives you back time to focus on the kiddos and their parents.

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Automatic Progress Reports

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Track it, Graph it

Collect data on your mobile device and relax as the system automatically graphs it. With a timer for duration data, multiple tally buttons for frequency or rate, and the ability to collect interval data, you’ll switch quickly and efficiently between data collection methods to meet the unique needs of each kiddo.

Automate Everything

With our ABA data collection systems, you can automate graphing, progress reports, sync data directly to insurance notes, and more! Less time spent on admin means more time spent with the kiddos and their parents!
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Wrangle Your Data

Organize your data collection without the hassle of shuffling paper, misplaced pens, and lugging around bags of clickers, timers, clipboards and binders. Customize, streamline and centralize your ABA data collection and relax in the knowledge that your data is accurate, every time.

Integration and Automation = Optimization

Unlike other ABA data collection software, we’re more than just a digital pen and paper. We make your data totally accessible, and our integrated software optimizes care by auto-advancing through targets as your client progresses.
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Limitless ABA Data Collection Options

With our data collection software, you can conduct task analyses, collect ABC data, and perform preference assessments. Sync recorded videos from the mobile app to the web app for later viewing. Record audio for echoic data, take quantity data, conduct cold probes, and collect anecdotal data.

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