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The Aging Population and Health Care

A 1998 surveillance report by the Urban Institute found out that the population of older people aged (65 and above) will double by 2040, reaching about 80 million.

Physical Therapy Scope of Practice Expansion

As we shift to a value-based care system, there have been talks about expanding physical therapists’ scope of practice (SOP).

How the Public Affects Medication-Assisted Recovery

The misuse and addiction to opioids have turned into a national crisis that has had severe impacts on the country’s social, economic, and public health welfare.

3 Steps to Reduce Insurance Claim Denials

For behavioral health organizations, claim denials are more than just an administrative headache. They pose an ongoing problem that inhibits cash flow through your organization.

Rules for Charging Self-Pay Patients

The patient satisfaction puzzle has lots of moving pieces. This satisfaction goes beyond just the care patients receive.

How to Reduce Claim Denials

Insurance claim denials aren’t just a headache. For many practices, they can pose an ongoing problem that inhibits cash flow through your practice–and leaves you struggling to pay the bills.

5 Reasons Your Organization Needs a Behavioral Health Billing Service

Behavioral health billing services have changed how providers approach their revenue cycle. In the past, providers have been forced to spend hours of their time navigating a frustrating billing process only to not get the results they’re looking for.

Medical Billing Process for Agencies

Community health is a healthcare sector specializing in the physical and mental well-being of people within their community—providers specializing in this focus on providing top-of-the-line care to those in their geographical area.

Principal Diagnosis in Mental Health Coding

Determining the root of a client’s symptoms and ultimately providing them with a diagnosis is a complicated and detailed process.

Telehealth Codes for Billing

Telehealth has opened hundreds of doors for mental health providers and their clients. This digital visit tool has broken down barriers to mental health care and allowed thousands and thousands of individuals to get the care and attention they need.